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Welcome to

Safe Hands India

Safelands is one-stop online plot/property management service in India, Safelands aims to provide with all the tools you need to manage and monitor your plots at any time, from any location, with just the press of a button.

Directors of the company has more than 2 decade of experience in civil engineering and technological field, this is the new unique way of services which we started in India, to serve property/plot owners,
Which most of the Owners could not able to visit/monitor their hard earned money which they invested for plots?

Our committed, knowledgeable, and creative professional team with years of experience in real estate, building, engineering, facility management, and technology development is always working to give you the most straight forward, practical, and cost-effective solution to all your plot management needs.

Dedicated team has planned serve in techno managed report and need basis assistance to view or any other assistance,

How It works


Give us permission to handle your plot after a preliminary site visit


You can include additional plot-related services.


Choose from our Basic, Standard, or Premium plans based on your needs.


On Login, you can register one or more properties.

Safe Hands India will begin with geotagging your property, mark its boundaries, place a Property ID Board

We will provide on-demand live video calls in addition to monthly uploads of photos and videos of your plot to your mobile app and web dashboard.

Take an EC (Encumbrance Certificate) and clean the plot on a regular basis.

Your property will be geotagged, its boundaries will be marked, and a Property ID Board will be placed by Safe Hands India.

What We Do

Additional Services

We combined technology and hands-on experience in our one-stop online plot management platform to give you a reliable and easy way to handle everything you need to manage your plot.

Safe Hands India offers a wide range of additional services designed specifically for individual customers, including the following:

Fencing/ Boundary walls

Asset development advisory

(Buying, Selling/Renting/ JD)

Construction and allied services

Property taxes

Legal services

Electricity connection/ Water connection

Khata services

Khata services

Why Us

Smart Surveillance

Asset Development


Peace of Mind



Why You Need Us

The key questions concerning your plot are:

  • Are you aware of the state of your plot?
  • How much time and consideration do you devote to your expensive property, which could be worth millions or even billions of rupees?

Don’t let the stress of daily living get in the way of your future security. For a little price, Safe Hands India offers monitoring, upkeep, and management assistance for your plot, enhancing your asset. Simply choose the services you require, unwind, and let us handle the rest.


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